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When War Comes Home --  A 13-week Bible Study

Description: When War Comes Home offers Christ Centered solutions for the “Secondary Trauma wives and families may face –when his trauma symptoms impact the family and even begin to show up in her.  Insights from the medical and counseling community wrapped in biblical principles, combined with the shared experiences of wives who are veterans of their own husbands PTS struggles guide the wife of a warrior to

Understand what happened to her husband – spiritually, psychologically and physiologically;

Understand how her husband’s trauma symptoms are affecting her;

Learn how to positively deal with grief and loss and the forgiveness issues associated with PTS;

Learn how to build her own healing place;

Understand and focus on her true identity in Christ;

Recognize the real enemy and engage in the spiritual war she and her family are engaged;

Learn how she can contribute to her husband’s healing environment;

Learn how to construct and safe, healthy environment for her children;

Understand the process of moving to a new normal.



  Meet with the appropriate Family Life (Army) or another senior chaplain, to share your ministry vision and ask to be their volunteer leader, under chaplain guidance and leadership and to ask to be their volunteer leader under chaplain leadership and guidance.

  Obtain budget guidance and support via email or other written means. Once a budget is approved you will need to secure a venue, order study guides, and provide for childcare. (Budgeting is often done in the spring prior to the next fiscal year.)

   Make purchases ONLY AFTER Purchase Order approval!

   Recruit and train your facilitator couples. Share the discipleship vision with the facilitator leadership team a month or so before the first session begins.

•  Schedule the meeting location and put meeting dates on the chapel’s official calendar.

•  Coordinate childcare details with chapel representative


Resources Needed:  Meeting place. Each person needs a copy of When War Comes Home. Order these from

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Steve and Karen Dorner

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