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Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway

FamilyLife wants you to know they understand the added struggles of military life. Because they appreciate your service, they want military couples to attend at a discounted military rate. And at select getaway locations you will find an emphasis on military marriages with a special greeting on Friday evening, a project workbook especially written for military couples, and additional programs just for you. Here are some testimonies from couples who recently attended a Military Emphasis “Star Event” Weekend to Remember and shared their experience with these words:

“In the months before coming to the marriage getaway I asked for a divorce.  I thought my marriage had no hope.  After this weekend I’ve become completely committed to my marriage, and I feel like I now have the tools to make it work.”

                                                                            Military couple, married 4 years


“This is our 3rd Weekend to Remember Getaway . . . Having Cru Military here has made me feel comfortable in knowing that there are people who deeply care about marriages of our military families. The devotionals (received at past Getaways) are a resource we still use every day and love the conversations it has led us into. Conversations we wouldn’t have known to have otherwise.” Army officer (17 years)


“Revolutionized my marriage! Profound impact by Cru Military! Loved the military emphasis!”  Army warrant officer (20 years)


“We have been reminded of the goal for marriage . . . for God’s goal/purpose. This journey is not always easy and with the added ‘bumps’ of a specialized military lifestyle, it’s often more rocky than smooth but the end result is so worth it!  Thank you for putting families first and for the military family ministry.”  Military wife, 7 years


Those of us who are believers in the value of the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember getaways can point to very definite reasons why every military couple should participate in this enriching opportunity:

Before Deployment

The Weekend to Remember provides a couple much-needed time away, without distractions, to focus on their marriage.

During Deployment

They have the opportunity to learn tools of communication which they will then apply during deployment so that they will “stay connected” even though miles apart.

After Deployment

Going to a Weekend to Remember upon return from a deployment provides the opportunity for a couple to encourage one another with “what we did right” and identify “what we could do better.” The latter is important because another deployment is often a part of the military life.

To find your next getaway and about the military scholarships, go to


How about some helpful hints on planning your getaway?

Love and Respect

Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband most often reacts when feeling disrespected and a wife reacts when feeling unloved.  Seven thousand people were asked this question:  When you are in conflict with your spouse or significant other, do you feel unloved or disrespected?

83% of the men said “disrespected;”

72% of the women said “unloved.”

These reactions throw us into what Emerson Eggerichs describes as, "The Crazy Cycle," where she reacts without respect and he reacts without love. Men and women are different, and we need to understand and appreciate those differences! Let Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs lead you to better understanding of your spouse and a significant impact on your military marriage.  In this training they will answer the following three key questions:

• Why do we negatively react to one another?

• How can I influence and motivate my spouse by meeting their needs?

• How do we deal with a situation when our spouse is not responding?

This is great material, but don't take our word for it. Hear it straight from a Marine:

"We're still married because of Love and Respect"

"My wife and I have been married now for going on 10 years because of Love and Respect. We got married at 20 and 21 years old. To add to it I am a United States Marine. Being with the first Americans into Iraq I established a bitter attitude and harshness towards my wife. Two years on recruiting duty led us to a separation. Understanding that this is not what God had in mind for us we went to church one Sunday and they were starting small groups. We were literally arguing over what small group we needed to be in and our pastor told us we needed Love and Respect. I am now the Men's Ministry Director and we are facilitating Love and Respect small groups for the third time and reaching this out to as many people as we can get it to. Thank You for presenting this information and helping us understand each other.  -- Not wrong just different... Blessings.


To find a live or video Love and Respect Conference, go to


The Art of Marriage

For more than three decades, FamilyLife® has been helping couples understand God’s plan for relationships. Now, in this video-guided event, The Art of Marriage, they weave together expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the street interviews, humorous vignettes, and much more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design.  Members of the Family Team have been using The Art of Marriage in numerous venues and can see the impact of this unique product on military marriages.  Here is a testimony from a military marriage changed because of truthful teaching in The Art of Marriage:

“As a military wife, my reason for planning a trip to Florida was to leave my husband because of an affair. After this weekend, I plan on going back home with my husband and giving my marriage to God, along with all of my hurt and pain. I now want to put my husband second only to God in my life. I pray our marriage will be better and more godly! Thank you!”

For more information and to find a weekend or weekly event near you, go to:

Smart Stepfamilies Conferences

Let the expertise and heart of Ron Deal and his team lead you
through the challenges of your blended family!


Review the array of conferences available to you at



Scott and Sherry's Story

Scott and Sherry Jennings went to a Weekend to Remember—and their marriage was saved!. Read their story. Their experience led to a new marriage ministry called!  All because they were willing to take a step in the right direction—to a Weekend to Remember.

Weekend Retreats

Fireproof Your Military Marriage Workshop

 An event based upon the movie based on the movie, Fireproof, for the unit, chapel or church level.

Fireproof Your Military Marriage Workshop is a faith-based, interactive marriage workshop designed to spiritually encourage military married couples and help them build relationships that will last a lifetime.  Incorporating video clips and themes from the blockbuster movie, Fireproof, this one-day workshop will get couples focused on what’s important in their military marriage.  Each of the five sessions conclude with a small group/table discussion and then a couple’s project. Read more . . . .

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