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The Stepfamily Bootcamp Seminar

Military stepfamilies face unique stressors. These can include a rigid military lifestyle, frequent moves that lead to separation from friends, family members, children, and the other biological parent, and the ever-present concern over short or long-term deployments. We call these stressors the 3D’s: Demands, Distance, and Deployment. Combine these stressors with the results of the study shown above and you have a unique and challenging environment in which to try to blend a family.


Cru Military now offers help for both chapels and churches struggling to meet the needs of these unique military families through the STEPFAMILY BOOTCAMP seminar! This one-of-a-kind seminar is a whole family experience, inviting the military member and their spouse along with all of their children over the age of 11 to attend—together. The seminar openly and honestly addresses what it takes to be a healthy military stepfamily today through a humorous military style Bootcamp experience combining multi-media presentations, audience participation, family role-playing, and even a stepfamily oath of office! Upon graduating the STEPFAMILY BOOTCAMP seminar, each family will have completed their own stepfamily care plan and worked together as a team to develop the tools they will need to face the unique challenges of military life.


Cru Military and the STEPFAMILY BOOTCAMP seminar also offer FREE training to chaplains, pastors, and lay-leaders before every seminar to ensure that the church and chapel are ready to handle all follow-up with those who attend. For more information on how to host a STEPFAMILY BOOTCAMP Seminar at your chapel or church, or to request a no-obligation quote please use the contact form on the right.

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