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Small groups provide one of the best places for a couple to find fellowship, mentoring, discipleship, and opportunities to grow and serve.  Regardless of the material or topic, couples benefit in three specific areas

• They discover they are not alone;

• they have time to focus on their marriage and make it a priority;

•  they hear what God has to say about marriage.

The following best practices are some that have been developed using material from FamilyLife.


HomeBuilder Small Group Couples Series

The HomeBuilders series was developed by FamilyLife to help couples build marriages and families according to God’s design. They can be used in a home, chapel, or other small group setting. Each small-group study focuses on real-life topics, practical application, and biblical truth. FamilyLife has the most comprehensive set of military tailored Bible studies of any ministry. The set consists of four military HomeBuilders studies written by Military Ministry staff.

Here are the key HomeBuilders series:

HomeBuilders Couples Series;

HomeBuilders Parenting Series;

Preparing for Marriage.

Loving Your Military Man This ten-part study is designed to help military wives apply Phillippians 4:8 in their marriages. In the midst of the stresses of being a military wife you can choose to focus on whatever is true, honorable, righteous, lovely, of good repute, excellent, and worthy of praise. Husbands are involved through communication questions each week. Military wives can help build lifelong marriages that leave strong, stable legacies for their children and grandchildren.

When War Comes Home

When War Comes Home speaks to wives of troopers and combat veterans who are struggling with the hidden wounds of war, ranging across the entire range of Combat Trauma from reintegration challenges to the severity of Post-Traumatic Stress. When War Comes Home offers Christ Centered solutions for the “Secondary Trauma wives and families may face –when his trauma symptoms impact the family and even begin to show up in her. Read more about best practices in using When War Comes Home.


Ask the Mentor (ATM)

ATM gives young couples a chance to make a “withdrawal” from their ATM mentor couples. Meeting monthly over coffee we discuss various subjects that young couples have identified as needs. Read about ATM best practices.

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