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Keeping Your Military Marriage Strong

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”  — Joshua 1:9


There are many blessings to family life—but, at times, many challenges.  Perhaps you are experiencing a sweet season in your relationships right now, and would like to see them grow even stronger.  Or perhaps you are struggling and would like to have some answers and help.

We recommend that all husbands and wives, no matter the season they are in, consider taking the initiative to build into their marriage.  Here are some steps which you can take by yourself and links to more information:

• Get Connected!  Are you involved with a church or chapel community that stands tall with you and with whom you can serve? If not, let us share some tools with you for getting connected.

• Set aside time to attend “recurrent training.”  It can be a marriage retreat or participation in a small group study.  May we suggest some good ones? Go to "Events."

• Pick a good book on marriage to read—or maybe to read together. Look for ideas to improve your strengths as a wife or husband—or identify some weaknesses which you need to address. The focus should be on you—not identifying the problems with your spouse. View our "Resources".

Learn your love language, and that of your spouse. This one exercise will reap many benefits in your life and your marriage.

• Pray. Not sure how? Consider these two articles for encouragement in your own prayer life or with your spouse:

 - Prayer Wars

 - Preemptive Prayer

• Spend time each day with God. Learn more about this under “Faith.”

• Are you struggling? Seek help from a pastor, chaplain, counselor, or battle buddy.



Get Connected with a fellowship of like-minded Believers.

• Attend a marriage event or retreat.

• Read a good marriage book with my spouse.

• Build my faith.

• Plan a getaway.

Learn my spouse's love language from Gary Chapman.



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