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Reintegration - Putting the Family back together after deployment


Objective: Oneness

If the journey of reintegration could be plugged into a GPS, the destination for a couple would be oneness. Genesis 2:24 states, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Oneness in a marriage is not just a physical relationship, but emotional and spiritual as well. A couple who is geographically separated longs for the day when they are physically reunited. But the reuniting must also take the form of an emotional and spiritual oneness for there to be the real sense that they are back together. This is the challenge . . . and requires an intentional effort to demonstrate grace in at least seven areas.  Read more about these steps to employing, "Reintegrace".


iSYNC is a downloadable resource designed for those just returning from a deployment. It is designed to encourage individuals to synchronize (harmonize) within self, and with your family, neighbors, and Christ. It provides a short exercise in each section and points individuals to other resources.

Reuniting after Military Deployment

Your excitement at the prospect of reunion is tempered with anxiety. You have heard the stories of divorce, discouragement, and depression. Will your account be any different?

Let Rob Green lead you through the tools to successful reunification. Green offers practical advice for seeking to understand your spouse's struggles, reevaluating schedules and responsibilities and using your new family time with purpose. Learn how to "intentionally transition out of deployment mode and back into the unity God has given you as husband and wife. You can rebuild a family that is stronger than ever.

Rob Green, MDiv, is the pastor of Counseling and Seminary Ministries at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. Booklets available from New Growth Press.


Are you dealing with the effects of war?

Review our resources on combat trauma and reintegration under Resources / Combat Trauma.


“PTSD Prayers of King David”

King David is known in the Old Testament as a great warrior. He is also called “a man after God’s own heart.”  Did he struggle with PTSD?  Read this and see what is in David’s writings that might help you. . . .

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