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The Challenges of Military Parenting

We all know there are unique challenges to parenting while in the military.  Frequent moves and adjustments, deployment separations, and new adventures combine to give military couples an opportunity to rear their children in a faithful way that overcomes attitudes of turmoil.

Reading through the HomeBuilders’ Defending the Military Family will give you a good foundation in understanding the unique challenges of parenting while serving on active duty. Going through the study with a small group of your peers is even better!  Read more in Resources and learn "how-tos" from Best Practices.



What if we said there’s a book which will inspire you to start a great adventure with your family which will change your whole life?

Rise Up! For Dads Who Want to Lead Boldly by Dr. Rob Otto

“This book by a well-trained U.S. Army Ranger can help train you for the most demanding and most rewarding mission of your life. It’s a job far too many Christian men neglect, to the peril of their family…for generations to come! In Rise Up! For Men Who Want to Lead Boldly, Robert points you to Christ and to the work He is ready to do in your family, a work that calls you up to lead. You can do it! What you will find on the pages of this book will both encourage and challenge you. At times, you’ll have to set the book down and think about it a while. Chew on it. Mull it over. Pray for God’s hand on your life and leadership. He never gives stones when His kids ask for bread. He will hear you!”

                Stu Weber – dad, grandpa, pastor and author

Military Women

Heather McColl Morgan writes, “I have been back at work for a month now, and military motherhood has left me, as Mary (Jesus’ mother), with much to ponder in the solitude of my own heart.”  Read More . . . .


“A Look at Parenting during Deployment”

“How do we parent during deployment?”  There are couples among us who have answered that question, worked at it, and have “lessons learned” to share.


One of those is the Juergens family. Rich and Diana Juergens have eight daughters, and have experienced deployment throughout their military career.  Their advice begins with these words, “Parenting well during a deployment begins with our faith—which begins with belief in the truth of Scripture. Being “plugged in” to our source of faith, the Lord Jesus, allows us to be full of ‘living water’ (the Holy Spirit) which will then flow through us to our children.” Read their advice!


Angus McColl spent his career in the submarine community during the Cold War. He writes, “The greatest single ministry of any military husband or father is intercessory prayer for his wife and children. One of the truly great benefits of being separated for long periods of time is that my prayer life becomes very well focused.”  Read more . . .


“The ABCs of Long-Distance Parenting”

Seizing, not neglecting, the opportunity to prepare your family, to pray for your family, and to lead your family throughout this deployment will yield blessings which you cannot even imagine right now—but will be evident in the security and peace within your family in years to come.”  Read more . . .

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