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Fireproof Your Military Marriage Seminar (MMS)


The MMS is a day and a half faith-based Seminar designed to communicate the Biblical blueprints of marriage.  Following a similar format to the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conferences, the MMS addresses the challenges  many military couples face today to include resolving conflict and romance in marriage.  The Seminar manual is an easy-to-follow fill in the blank outline and has numerous couples’ projects that husbands and wives will find very satisfying, including  a Love Letter project.  A gospel presentation is tastefully presented in the middle of the Seminar.  The Seminar concludes with a renewal of vows ceremony.  The outline of the MMS is as follows, but can be adapted to meet the needs of the audience:

1. Five Threats to Oneness

2. Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage (God’s Purpose and Plan for Oneness)

3. God’s Power for Oneness

4. Resolving Conflict

5. Husband/Wife Responsibilities for Oneness (Separate Sessions)

6. Sexual Intimacy

7. A Call to Commitment

Other Sessions may include a HomeBuilders’ Orientation, a Question and Answer Panel Discussion, and Disarming Deployment/Roadmap to Reintegration.


•   Normally conducted on a military base or installation;

•   requires a sponsoring Chaplain. For churches, a sponsoring Pastor is key.

•   A representative from MilMin will cast vision to the host and provide the necessary guidance for successfully conducting the event and followup.

It is critical to have four volunteers establish a leadership team that will oversee the effort to put on the event.  The organizational construct will look like the following:

                Seminar Director

      Prayer        Planning      Promotion


Resources Needed:

•   Funding for the event;

•   an adequate facility;

•   A/V (PowerPoint projector, screen, and speaker microphones);

•   childcare, and refreshments (lunch meal, etc.).

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Keith and Sharon Morgan

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