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“Children are a gift from the LORD.”  — Psalm 127:3

We all know there are unique challenges to parenting while in the military.  Frequent moves and adjustments, deployment separations, and new adventures combine to give military couples an opportunity to rear their children in a faithful way that overcomes attitudes of turmoil.  HomeBuilders Bible studies for parenting are available as well as helpful information for single parents and blended families.

HomeBuilders includes the most comprehensive series of small group studies for military couples. FamilyLife developed HomeBuilders to help couples build marriages and families according to God’s design.

HomeBuilders can be used in a

• home;

• chapel;

• other small group setting.

Each small-group study focuses on real-life topics, practical application, and biblical truth. lists the HomeBuilders Couples and Parenting Series. The four military HomeBuilders studies were written by Military Ministry staff.

Defending the Military Family

A practical, enlightening five-session study that provides great insight into how to deal with the issues of raising healthy, godly children in the military. Covers the unique parenting challenges of military families includes frequent moves, separations due to deployments and fear of harm to a loved one.

The HomeBuilder Parenting Series

The HomeBuilders Series was developed to help you and your friends build marriages and families according to God’s design. Each small-group study focuses on real-life topics, practical application, and biblical truth. The four topics, guiding your teenagers, raising children of faith, improving your parenting, and establishing effective discipline, will help you and your peers improve on the fundamental skills of parenting from God's blueprints for the family.

For tips on the many ways to use these and other HomeBuilders studies, Read more . . .

The Blended Military Family

About to become a "blended" or stepfamily family?

About to become a “blended family”?  Read some expert advice from Ron Deal that applies to military marriage and parenting.


Resources for the Blended Family

You can check-out these excellent tailored resources at or

Challenges for the Single Military Parent

Single Parenting is a relevant topic in the military, as there are many unique challenges when an active duty service member is responsible for children.  Ron Deal, FamilyLife’s expert on step families, recommends the following resources for single parents:

Curriculum: Single and Parenting From the DivorceCare and DivorceCare 4 Kids people.


presenting a Journey of Truth, Hope, & Healing

 A Single Parent Family Division of FamilyLife Canada:


Helen Wheeler Counseling

Helen Wheeler is an excellent consultant on single parent families.


Co-Parenting International

Helping with the issues related to co-parenting that single parents deal with. Tammy’s book is Co-Parenting Works! Tammy Daughtry.


Here are three articles to encourage you in parenting during deployment.

“Pray for Your Family During Deployment”

“The ABCs of Long-Distance Parenting”

“A Look at Parenting During Deployment”

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