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Mentoring is the unique relationship between a more experienced individual and someone less experienced with the goal of passing on encouragement, instruction, guidance and support.  The desired end result is the less experienced, or younger, person to grow in abilities and wisdom.


Mentoring is a natural fit to the military community because those who have served for many years are trained and prepared to pass along their knowledge and experience to the next generation.


Here are three suggestions for how mentoring can be accomplished in the MilitaryReady Community.


Our ministry partner, FamilyLife, has developed excellent tools for online mentoring called “eMentoring.”  They have also written The Mentor Guide —

“FamilyLife's Mentor Guide is a robust collection of references and resources to address many of life's most common issues in areas such as:  Having a Better Marriage, Communication & Conflict, Romance & Sex, Isolation & Loneliness, Major Life Issues, and Raising Kids – just to name a few!”

Read more in Buddy Care eMentoring . . . . .


Ask the Mentor (ATM)

ATM provides a casual environment for young couples to ask mentor couples any questions they want about life and marriage. Ideally, mentor couples have been married for 15+ years and are known to have solid marriages. Younger couples are defined to be those married under 8 years but this is negotiable. Read more . . . . .

Home-to-Home: Passing on Five Cornerstones of Christian Marriage

This six-week “couple to couple” Bible study and discipleship tool that helps develop godly homes. The authors, Jim and Barbara Grunseth, produced this excellent study to be a short-term mentoring opportunity so that  one host couple may extend hospitality to another, guest couple—and during the time together focus discussion time on the following five cornerstones of Christian marriage:

loving faithfulness;



• purpose; and


Read a full description and download a printable, digital version of this study.

Read the blog of Jim and Barbara Gurnseth, the authors, at

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