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Leading HomeBuilders and Small Groups

HomeBuilders includes the most comprehensive series of small group studies for military couples. FamilyLife developed HomeBuilders to help couples build marriages and families according to God’s design. The military HomeBuilders studies address the unique needs of the military marriage and parenting.

HomeBuilders can be used in a

• home;

• chapel;

• other small group setting.

Each small-group study focuses on real-life topics, practical application, and biblical truth. lists the following key HomeBuilders series:

HomeBuilders Couples Series;

HomeBuilders Parenting Series;

HomeBuilders Military Series;

Preparing for Marriage.

Note: Many of these titles are also available in Spanish!

The Purpose of Military HomeBuilder Studies

We like to say, "Anything you do for a marriage will help a military marriage," but the military HomeBuilder studies are specifically designed to give military couples the tools to help them cope with some of the unique stresses and challenges they face in their marriages. By participating in these studies, couples will strengthen their relationships and learn practical steps they can take to make their marriages more solid.

The intended audiences of these studies are active duty, reserve, and National Guard military members and their spouses. We also recognize that others who work with and for the military—DOD teachers or civilian employees, for example—would also benefit from the studies. Most people today enter into marriage with little idea of how to make the relationship work. If they happen to be in the military, they routinely face challenges that put an incredible strain on their relationship, such as

• extended separations from spouses and families;

• long duty hours;

• fear for loved ones who may be in dangerous situations;

• moving frequently to unfamiliar environments; and

• overseas assignments.

Because of the detail in this article, we have divide this discussion into two parts:

Initial Planning, and

Leading Your Study.

Thank you for your interest in leading HomeBuilders! We assure you that the experience will bless you richly as you lead others through discovering God’s blueprints for their marriage.

Serving with you,


The Family Ministry Team



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