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I Still Do Military Emphasis Simulcast


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When a church or chapel decides to host an “I Still Do” Simulcast on October 4th, they have the option of also including a Military Emphasis as part of their outreach. Here are some ideas and suggestions for tailoring a portion of the event to the military.


Preliminary steps for a “Military Emphasis” include:


• Form a team which will host the military throughout the day. These individuals or couples should have a heart to serve the military couples and willingness to devote time to them;

• Make plans to have a Welcome Table near the Registration Table, and also designate a room for the Military Recognition Lunch Workshop;

• If possible, include a means in your registration process to identify attendees who are military or prior military. Use that filtered list to put a star on the nametags of those military attending;

• Create a budget for Welcome Bags—and for door prizes during the Lunch Workshop;

• Be willing to follow-up with any attendees who are interested in additional resources, information, or a desire to start a small group;

• Agree upon a plan for the day. We recommend a three-step day consisting of:


 -  a Special Greeting;

 -  a Special Introduction;

 -  a Special Meal.


A Special Greeting


• A team from your church has “Welcome Military!” gift bags at a table near the registration. The gift bags may contain gift books, chocolate, water, information about your church, and a “thank you for your service” card;

• The Welcome Team extends an invitation to the special lunch at noon and points out where the military will meet after they get their lunch. Reference the schedule. This lunch will only last 45 minutes, ending right before the “I Still Do” conference resumes;

• The Welcome Team explains that the Lunch Workshop is a time to share with other military couples and learn about resources designed just for them.


A Special Introduction


• During the initial welcome, the local emcee at the church asks all of the veterans and active duty/Guard/reservists to stand and be recognized and thanked for their service.

• The emcee announces that there is a designated military lunch in a separate room.


A Special Meal


• All military members and their spouses can take their lunches into the designated side room for special time together;

• Recommend round tables with 10 per table;

• Welcome from Team Leader or Pastor;

• Three suggested discussion questions on a sheet of paper on the table or on a “tent” card:

1) What was your favorite assignment and why;

2) What have been some benefits of military life;

3) What have you learned so far in the Conference that you know will help your marriage deal with the challenges which come with military life;

• At the end of the discussion time, the emcee will introduce follow-on resources. Team members will pass out a summary sheet for each attendee outlining resources available to them and how they can be ordered;

• A “Connection Card” can be on the tables for each couple to fill out. This is for the use of the Church for any follow-up they might want to do with the couples.


The Simulcast Schedule


9:00 -10:30 a.m.* Praise and Worship

 Welcome and Introduction

 Session 1 “I Take You”

10:30 – 11:00       Break

11:00 – 12:30       Session 2 “To Be My Husband/Wife”

12:30 – 1:15 p.m. Lunch Break

1:15 – 1:35           Special Musical Guest

1:35 – 2:30           Session 3 “To Love, Honor, and Cherish”

2:50 – 3:10           Break

3:10                      Session 4 “Til Death Do Us Part”

 Renewing Our Vows (optional)

5:00 p.m.              Event Ends


* Adjust according to time zone.


9am EST/ MNT

Mike and Linda Montgomery

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