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HomeBuilders Couples Study in a Chapel Environment

Description: This concept assumes a volunteer leadership couple already attending the military chapel and knowing the chaplain. Doing a HomeBuilders Couples Study in a Chapel Environment in the Evening (HBCE) provides a casual weeknight environment for couples to enjoy a HomeBuilders Marriage or Parenting Study.  Features include the following:

  Meet weekly for two hours;

  fellowship for 15 minutes with the entire group and opening prayer;

  child watchcare for infants to 11 years old;

  break into small groups of four to seven couples for balance of evening.


  Meet with the appropriate Chaplain to share your ministry vision and ask to be their volunteer leader, under their guidance and leadership.

  Obtain budget guidance and support via email or other written means. Once a budget is approved you will need to secure a venue to hold the event.

  Secure funding for the HomeBuilders Study Guides and Childcare.  (Budgeting is often done in the spring prior to the next fiscal year.)

  Make purchases ONLY AFTER Purchase Order approval!

  Recruit and train your facilitator couples.

  Share the HomeBuilders multiplying discipleship vision with the facilitator leadership team a month or so before the first HomeBuilders session begins.

  Schedule the HomeBuilders meeting location and put meeting dates on the chapel’s official calendar.

  Coordinate childcare details with chapel representative.  Since the study begins after normal duty hours, be sure you have access to the chapel to prepare and to greet participants.

  Advertise in your chapel bulletin and other appropriate locations.

  The evening of your meeting,

      - arrange tables & chairs to help with group discussion.

      - Share the vision for HomeBuilders discipleship and multiplication with all participants.

      - Encourage everyone to get more snacks before the HomeBuilders session begins.

      - Each facilitator should prepare in advance to share a three-minute Christian testimony; either someone in their group or the facilitator may share their own testimony.  Review in advance.  Use time during one of the later sessions to review the Gospel message in the Study Guide annex (usually session four).

      - Clean up the rooms and restore tables and chairs according to chapel Standare Operating Procedure (SOP).

Resources Needed: Meeting place, HomeBuilders Study Guides and refreshments, chapel-approved child care.

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Mike And Carole Carkhuff


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