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Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

Description: A 1-day workshop at unit or chapel level. Discuss the Biblical Principles of Marriage in the context of Deployment and use small group interaction, questions and answers and couple projects to prepare for deployment. Based on the HomeBuilders by the same name.

Session 1 – Deployment Threats

• Difficult Adjustments.

• Selfishness.

• Communications

• Deployment

Session 2 – Mission Planning

 God’s Design for Marriage

• Leave, Cleave and Become One Flesh

• The Garden and the Triangle of Relationship (God as the Center of Your Marriage)

Session 3 – Thriving During Deployment

Choosing Your Attitude

5 Keys To thriving During Deployment

• Growing

• Being In Community – JTD Opportunity

• Faith in God (Testimony)

• God is in Control

• God as Anchor


  Meet with the appropriate Chaplain to share your ministry vision and ask to be their volunteer leader, under their guidance and leadership.

  Obtain budget guidance and support via email or other written means. Once a budget is approved you will need to secure a venue to hold the event.

•  Recruit a team to help with prayer, planning, promotion, and conduct, and follow-up of the event.

•  Proposed Schedules and manuals are available on-line. In addition the talks can be made available for your adaptation.

Resources Needed: A venue (either hotel, community center, or equivalent) needs to be reserved early on. You will need to print the manuals and schedules. It is recommended to have one copy of Defending the Military Marriage for each couple to encourage the formation of small groups after the event.

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Steve and Carlene Myer

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