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Fireproof Your Military Marriage (FYMM)


Fireproof Your Military Marriage Workshop is a faith-based, interactive marriage workshop designed to spiritually encourage military married couples and help them build relationships that will last a lifetime.  Incorporating video clips and themes from the blockbuster movie, Fireproof, this one-day workshop will get couples focused on what’s important in their military marriage.  Each of the five sessions conclude with a small group/table discussion and then a couple’s project.  Session titles are:

1. Why Marriages Get Burned

2. Firefighting Together, Part I:  Resolving Conflict

3. Firefighting Together, Part II:  Disarming Deployment

4. Igniting Intimacy

5. Building a Fireproof Legacy

Follow-on small group couples’ studies are encouraged along with using ‘Fireproof’ resources (i.e. The Love Dare).



•   The FYMM isnormally conducted on a military base or installation,

•   These events require a sponsoring Chaplain, or, for churches, a sponsoring Pastor is key.

•   A representative from MilMin will cast vision to the host and provide the necessary guidance for successfully conducting the event and followup.

•   It’s critical to have four volunteers establish a leadership team that will oversee the effort to put on the event.  The organizational construct will look like the following:

                Seminar Director

      Prayer        Planning      Promotion


Resources Needed:

•   Funding for the event;

•   an adequate facility;

•   A/V (PowerPoint projector, screen, and speaker microphones);

•   childcare, and refreshments (lunch meal, etc.).

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Keith and Sharon Morgan

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