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The Role of Faith in Military Life

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him,
 so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

— Romans 12:13

Our faith can grow during our time in military service, as we turn to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving—and as we seek Him with all of our hearts.  But God created us for community, so no matter where we are, we need to get plugged-in to a group of believers whom we can serve with shoulder to shoulder, and who will help us in our growth and walk.  May these tips, articles, and links inspire and encourage you as you grow in knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Getting Connected


"The church of Jesus Christ is, without a doubt, the most neglected family resource in the world today. All around us families are trying with all their might to become all they can be in the Lord. Yet many are doing so without the help of the only institution God created to nurture and support the family.

What are the chances of building your family on the truth without meaningful connectedness to a Bible-believing local church? Answer: zero! It is impossible! Your family will never make it on its own. A family left to itself cannot possibly live out what God's Word teaches with any kind of consistency. That is why God placed us in communities of faith called local churches."

From James McDonald's Seven Words To Change Your Family - While There Is Still Time

God created us for community, so no matter where we are, we need to get plugged-in to a group of believers whom we can serve with shoulder to shoulder, and who will help us in our growth and walk.  Here are a couple of valuable resources for helping you connect with like-minded believers in your area. Better still, these tools will help you prepare for your next PCS move!  Who could be of more help to getting settled at a new duty station but fellow Christians and churches who appreciate and serve military singles and families? is the "Facebook" for military believers. Use it to search for fellow believers, events that meet your needs and interest, as well as opportunities for service in your area. (MMN) is a world-wide network of evangelical churches, chaplains and ministries focused on the needs of military singles and families. Use MMN's extensive data base to locate a church in your area that acknowledges the importance of the military in its community.

Devotional Bible Just for You

This devotional Bible for military wives contains the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs—along with 60 devotions written by “veteran women of God who have walked where you walk as the wife of a military man.” There are also 30 stories told about heroines on the American home front which aptly illustrate a biblical principle. The purpose is that “these features will deepen your faith and enrich your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”  Read more . . .


Your Walk of Faith

What road are you on?

Are you on the road to a new assignment? Maybe on the road to Qatar, or Ft. Campbell?  Maybe on the road to loneliness, or despair, or divorce?  God can meet you there.


Warnings, Cautions, and Notes

When teaching the Bible, my husband and I sometimes refer to the “warnings, cautions, and notes” which are included in our “tech manual” for living. Scripture is filled with instruction for proper use of our bodies, our minds, our tongues, our actions—so that we will not injure ourselves or others—and also with essential guidance on how to live our lives to the glory of God.  Read some examples here.


A "Go-To" Psalm

Psalm 145 is my favorite “Go-To” psalm when fighting spiritual warfare. Maybe you have a favorite, too. Through the years military wives and I have done battle against fear with these twenty-one verses from David.  Take a look at what encouraged us.


Love Letters

I love that my Savior is my personal Savior. I love that His word, the Bible, speaks directly to my heart— a “love letter” written personally to me. Read more . . .


Location, Location, Location . . . .

Have you ever PCSed and had the realtor tell you that the most important thing to consider in choosing a house is “location . . . location . . . location”?  In his new book, Dangerous Calling, Paul David Tripp says that phrase also refers to life. When I read that statement I was intrigued. I know that people in the military have to be very flexible about what they call “home.” And when I read his admonition that “location . . . location . . . location” can also be used in a spiritual sense, I wondered how that might apply to the military life.  Read what Paul David Tripp has to say.


Two Ways of Doing Life

Dr. David Powlison writes, “From Jesus’ point of view, there are two fundamentally different ways of doing life. One way, you’re connected to a God who’s involved in your life. . . . The other way, you’re pretty much on your own and disconnected.” Read more . . .


 My Utmost for His Highest

One of the most widely-read devotional books available was written by a chaplain in World War I.  Oswald Chambers was a YMCA Chaplain stationed in Egypt, and through his years of teaching and preaching his wife faithfully copied his sermons in shorthand.  Those notes became the basis for the famous volume My Utmost for His Highest.  Chambers died in 1917 from complications due to a ruptured appendix, but his spiritual legacy continues through these words of wisdom.  If you are looking for a devotional book to aid you in your growth in faith, consider daily reading of your Bible and My Utmost for His Highest.

A Story of BulletProof Faith

Are you familiar with the story of Army Ranger Sgt. Jeff Struecker? How about Mogadishu, Somalia, 1993, or the movie, "Black Hawk Down"?  Regardless of your response, you will want to watch this preview of a coming short film where Chaplain Jeff Struecker (USA, ret.) and one of his teammates return to Mogadishu 20 years later.



"Seven Steps in the Walk of Faith"

When times are hard, we ask, “Why, God?” Taking the necessary “next steps” of faith are (is) imperative to get through the crisis with your soul and your family intact. What are those steps?  Read more in the “7 Steps in the Walk of Faith . . . .


“Scripture Reading Plan”

Military couples with deployment experience know the value of good planning. Planning for finances, emergencies, communication, leave time, home and car maintenance, legal documents, children’s needs, etc. comes under the heading of being “mission ready . . .” Do you want your marriage to grow strong during deployment?  Here is a 179-Day Scripture reading plan to keep you close during the days of separation—along with encouragement to keep you “on the same page.”


“Pray for Your Family During Deployment"

“I feel so far away!  What can I do for my family while deployed?”  Read to encourage you during the long days and long nights—to make this time apart a time of prayer for your family . . . . .


“Scriptural Prayers for Struggling Marriages”

Where do we start when faced with marital troubles?  We start on our knees, in prayer. Read this and get encouragement to go to the only one who can truly help—God . . . .


“PTSD Prayers of King David”

King David is known in the Old Testament as a great warrior. He is also called “a man after God’s own heart.”  Did he struggle with PTSD?  Read this and see what is in David’s writings that might help you. . . .

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