Take the time to get away as a couple and be refreshed.

“Marriage should be honored by all . . .”

— Hebrews 13:4

The Family Team of Military Ministry is very enthusiastic about the impact of marriage enrichment events on military marriages.  In this section you will find useful information on events in these venues:

•  Weekend events—These are “getaways” . . . opportunities for a couple to get away from the routines of life and focus specifically on their marriage.  FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember is an example of this event.

•  Video events—These marriage enrichment events are video-based and are either getaways or given locally by churches and chapels.

•  Small groups—Studies written for small groups can also be used in a seminar-format and used as event material for military couples.  The sharing between couples in small groups can be very encouraging and helpful as they discuss biblical blueprints for marriage.

•  Reintegration—Our recommended materials can be used to focus on a specific need in an event setting, as in dealing with the challenges of reintegration.

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