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Calling a military group together for training and/or fellowship is helpful to all concerned.  We find that military couples are receptive to help in improving their marriages, and these events are designed to do just that.

You will find three categories of events in this listing:

One Day Workshops,

Weekend Retreats, and

Dinner & Community Events.

Use your imagination for how these events can be used to accommodate your community's needs.

One-Day Workshops & Retreats


Host an "I Still Do" Military Emphasis Simulcast on October 4th!

 The I Still Do™ Simulcast is a one-day marriage event you can host at your own church. It’s an opportunity to bring the same engaging speakers, worship leaders and Christian comedians "on stage" at the Verizon Arena in Washington, DC, into your own community!

You can bring life changing answers to the couples in your church. Your church will:


   • Participate with thousands of other couples via social networking

   • Learn why some marriages thrive while others lose heart

   • Hear why the Bible sets apart marriage as a one-of-a-kind covenantal relationship.

   • Discover what every husband needs from his wife and what a wife needs most from her husband.

   • Explore how your marriage has been designed by God to make a statement about who God is to a watching world.

   • Understand the factors that lead to long lasting, authentic intimacy in marriage.


Learn more about making it a military outreach as well . . . .

Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready Workshop

 A HomeBuilders based event for the unit, chapel or church level.

This one-day workshop discusses the Biblical Principles of Marriage in the context of Deployment and use small group interaction, questions and answers and couple projects to prepare for deployment. Based on the HomeBuilders by the same name. Read more . . . .

Marriage Reintegration Workshop

An Art of Marriage Based event for the unit, chapel or church level.

This one-day workshop discusses  the Biblical Principles of Marriage in the context of Reintegration and use small group interaction, questions and answers and couple projects to enable a successful transition/reintegration after deployment.  The Art of Marriage Video Series provides the basis for this workshop. Read more . . . .

Military preMarriage Seminar (MpMS)

 An Art of Marriage Based event for the unit, chapel or church level.

The MpMS is a one-day faith based event conducted in collaboration with Valor, Military Ministry. It is designed for ROTC/Academy cadets who are seriously dating or engaged to be married. Using principles taught in the Military Marriage Seminar, cadets are encouraged to begin building a solid, spiritual foundation for marriage that will help them endure through the rigors of military life.  Using experienced presenters who have a background of marriage in the military, cadets are given a realistic view of life in the armed forces.  Read more . . . .


Journey Through Deployment (JTD)

Igniting Hope, Building Resilience through a series of one-day Women's Workshop.

The Journey through Deployment Program is conducted as a series of one day workshops at the unit, chapel or church level aligned with a unit’s deployment cycle.  Each session can be presented as a stand-alone program or all three can be presented in series.

Deployments and separations can take a significant toll on any marriage.  You can minimize that toll by investing in your marriage before, during and after the deployment. Read more . . . .

Weekend Retreats

Fireproof Your Military Marriage Workshop

 An event based upon the movie based on the movie, Fireproof, for the unit, chapel or church level.

Fireproof Your Military Marriage Workshop is a faith-based, interactive marriage workshop designed to spiritually encourage military married couples and help them build relationships that will last a lifetime.  Incorporating video clips and themes from the blockbuster movie, Fireproof, this one-day workshop will get couples focused on what’s important in their military marriage.  Each of the five sessions conclude with a small group/table discussion and then a couple’s project. Read more . . . .

Military Marriage Seminar (MMS)

The MMS is a day and a half faith-based seminar designed to communicate the Biblical blueprints of marriage. Following a similar format to the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conferences, the MMS addresses the challenges  many military couples face today to include resolving conflict and romance in marriage.. Read more . . . .

Dinners and Community Events

Dinner for Families of Deployed (DFD)

Dinner for Families of Deployed (DFD) provides a casual weeknight environment for families of deployed military personnel to relax, have an enjoyable dinner, and keep the kids occupied with crafts/child care while the adults have some time together. Read more . . .

A Regional Team Development Dinner

Every August, the Hampton Roads (Virginia) Team of Military Ministry gifts their community with a banquet designed especially to gather the church, chapel, and civilian agency leadership.  Following an afternoon of helpful workshops to address current concerns and new resources, the attendees are honored with a catered buffet, encouraged by speakers, and given time around the dinner tables to share best practices in their ministry to marriages and military.  (include picture)  The original name for this designated group was “HomeBuilders on the Peninsula”, hence the title “HOP.”  Through the seven years of their efforts, the term “HOP” has come to mean the group and the annual banquet.

The timing of this annual event is to be the “kick-off” for a year of ministry to marriages and to military.  As a follow-up, the attendees of this dinner—along with other leaders in the community—receive a widely-circulated weekly e-newsletter promoting the current seminars, Bible studies, and special events in Hampton Roads.

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