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Preparing for the Testing of Deployment

Do you want to make it through your deployment with your marriage in as good as shape as when you left—or maybe even better?  Here are four keys to a successful deployment:

  • Begin with thorough preparation and planning.
  • Attend a Small Group HomeBuilders course in your area.
    • Agree on a devotional to share reading and discussing.
    • Sign-up for Moments With You -- a daily email devo from FamilyLife.
    • Read Devotionals on, such as Staying Connected.

   • Maintaining teamwork in parenting.

   Here are three articles to encourage you in parenting during deployment:

    - “Pray for Your Family During Deployment”

    - “The ABCs of Long-Distance Parenting”

    - “A Look at Parenting During Deployment”

   • Maintaining a positive attitude to thrive, not just survive!



40 Days of the Deployment Dare

“How can I help my marriage during deployment?"

Based on the popular “Love Dare”, here are forty “dares” to guide you to a better marriage, even when you are geographically separated.


Her Favorite Christmas Present

Perhaps a married couple experiencing deployment is the closest picture of a Christian’s faith. I’ve heard it described as such. This newlywed couple spent part of their first year apart, but were intentional in their “togetherness", despite the fact that she was in Iraq and he was on a submarine.



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