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Communications in Military Marriages

How can you improve your communication?  Not just during deployment, but all the time?  This is something you can always work on. There are five levels of communication—and the deeper you go the better it gets!

Did you know that there are levels of communication? In FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember material we are taught that the levels are:

1) cliché (non-sharing);

2) fact (sharing what you know);

3) opinion (sharing what you think);

4) emotion (sharing what you feel);

5) transparency (sharing who you are).

The statement is made in the conference workbook that “Understanding increases with increased levels of communication.” (p. 92). It also states that “one goal for this weekend is to go to the next level in your communication.” (p. 26) Read more if you would like to take your relationship to a deeper level of communication.

Do you feel that you and your spouse already communicate well? Do you feel that the ability to communicate well can make or break your marriage? Good questions, right? And if you are like most couples, you believe that communication is something that you need to work on. But how do you do that? There are books written on such topics! But just for today, we have some ideas to get you started.



Reading the Bible together, praying together, reading devotions together . . . all of these spiritual disciplines will bring a couple closer together and deepen their communication. Here are two of our favorite devotionals dedicated to military couples.

Excellent or Praiseworthy is an online devotional dedicated to military couples experiencing deployment.  The writing doesn’t just apply to deployment, however—there is truth for all times.

Our Connection

Our Connection is a small devotional booklet available from  The forty short devotions are based on the mind, heart, and spiritual connection between couples.  Get a copy for each of you and share what you have learned daily from its pages.

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