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Understanding and Healing for Combat Trauma

Combat Trauma Healing Manual

The Combat Trauma Healing Manual offers Christ-centered solutions for the spectrum of operational stress from combat.  God is our healer, and wants to bring about your healing.  This book offers the faith component to wounds of the heart, soul, spirit.


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When War Comes Home

If you are the wife of a war zone veteran struggling with combat trauma, this book will help you to understand and begin the journey of healing. A complement to The Combat Trauma Healing Manual, this book offers Christ-centered healing for the hidden wounds of war.


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Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma


Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma (CCCT) is an excellent resource for training of counselors and lay leaders to work with those suffering combat trauma. There are no special requirements or background needed to enroll in or benefit from this course. Anyone with combat trauma, as well as family members of sufferers, clinicians, and people with a heart to provide care will benefit from participating in this unique and powerful training program. The course will

•   help you to develop a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding the post-combat experience;

•   broaden professional and ministry-based skills;

•   equip Christian pastors and lay ministers to reach out with sensitivity and relevance to military members, veterans, and families in their congregations and communities.


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Nate Self—“Two Wars: One Heroe Fight on Two Fronts—Abroad and Within”

This is a vivid true-story account of the Iraqi battle in which Nate Self and his unit fought courageously on Roberts Ridge, and his continuing battle with PTSD.  This is also a story of Christian faith, as Self is a selfless hero who relies on God for strength in healing.


The Combat Trauma Healing Manual is an excellent resource for Christ-centered solutions to healing from war.  The appendix contains prayers from a wounded warrior, praises from a wounded warrior, and promises to a wounded warrior—all written by Old Testament King David.


When War Comes Home is an honest look from the heart of a SEAL’s wife into the challenges of PTSD. Learn more from her experience.

Here is a DVD resource—the story of Vietnam vets who return to the scene of their battles then for strength and hope to handle the battles now.

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