Buddy Care

Buddy Care


“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

—  John 15:13


One of the unique things about military life is the close bonds we have because of shared experiences and the fact that we depend upon the community as a team for protection—at home as well as in combat.  When one person hurts, the entire community is weakened.

Do you see others in need of help?  Do you want to give help to others from the wealth of your own experience but feel inadequate?  Then you have come to the right place!

Buddy Care “Dos” and “Don’ts”:

DO help your friend with these “dos”:

•  Listen, listen, listen!

•  Go through our Events, Resources and Self Aid pages for ideas that might help them in their particular
situation— and make suggestions;

•  Pray with and for them;

•  Encourage your friend and spouse to have a “marriage getaway”—and then do everything possible to make it happen!

•  Suggest an event, perhaps from our “Events” page.  Then help them make the reservations, if necessary—or help by providing childcare;

•  Offer to help them find Christian counseling—with a chaplain, pastor, or MilitaryOneSource;

•  Assure them of God’s love, mercy and grace.

Here are some equally important “don’ts”:

•   Avoid “counseling” or spending time with anyone of the opposite sex.  If someone of opposite gender approaches you for help with their marriage or relationship, make sure that you appropriately steer them in the direction of someone who could help them—either a professional counselor, chaplain, pastor or peer advisor of the same gender.  This is very important!

•   Avoid criticizing their spouse. The objective is to get your buddy the help that they need—not to pick their spouse apart!


"God offers you true, living hope—not a false hope based on your death."

A good friend may be called on to help if your buddy has threatened suicide. This article may help you to understand what your friend is thinking.

A Second Chance

Their marriage was at a breaking point—as was he, until God spoke to his heart and said, “If you are willing to die, die to yourself and let Me live through you." Read how a helpful pastor guided them in the right direction for help.

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