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Description: ATM provides a casual environment for young couples to ask mentor couples any questions they want about life and marriage. Ideally, mentor couples have been married for 15+ years and are known to have solid marriages. Younger couples are defined to be those married under 8 years but this is negotiable. We meet once a month for coffee in our local community center on base. Free coffee is provided by the chapel. There is no formal schedule but coordinators need come equipped with ice breaker questions and some potential questions around a theme for the month. The young couples are very open about questions and the mentor couples are very open with their own life experience in answering the questions. The mentor and young couples appreciate that there is no preparation. They just show up and have fun.



    -- Recruit your mentor couples.

    -- Schedule the meeting location.

    -- Secure funding for the coffee. Coordinate snacks (if needed).

    -- Advertise in your chapel bulletin and other appropriate locations.

• Day of ATM

    -- Arrange for one of the mentors to take orders for coffee and to serve the young couples.

    -- Arrange furniture in a circle to help with group discussion.

    -- Once everyone has their coffee have each person introduce themselves and answer an ice breaker question. Then introduce the theme for the month and ask if anyone has any questions about that particular theme.

    -- Be ready to ask an initial question if needed. Allow the young couples to ask whatever they want.

Resources Needed:  Meeting place and refreshments.

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Ask the Mentor (ATM)

Jim and Bea Fishback

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