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What to Plan for After Your Momentum Event

Regardless of the couples' event we host, be it a Weekend to Remember, Art of Marriage, 5 Love Languages or Love and Respect, our next step needs to be follow-up. The culture has done such a number on couples today, bombarding them with disinformation, that many will feel overwhelmed by the revolutionary good news of God's
plan for marriage! It is important that we give them a chance to build on the concepts and tools they have been introduced to at our events by providing them with good follow-up opportunities. Read how one of our expert couples has developed follow-up to a fine art.

Building Your Follow-up Plan -- Before Your Event

"As a church, we started off with a plan before our event.  First, we encouraged military couples in our church to attend a Weekend to Remember in our area prior to Thanksgiving. Seven military couples attend along with several of their civilian peers. Prior to the conference we worked hard to build-up the event, helping couples to prepare for their special getaway weekend. Once the conference was concluded, we followed up with each couple to see how their weekend went. Our couples reported that they had an excellent weekend, so we encouraged them that an great way to help put into practice the principles they learned over the weekend was to join a HomeBuilders Couple's study. With the Christmas break right around the corner we made a personal commitment to host a HomeBuilders after Christmas.


Once Christmas was past, we contacted all the couples again and set up three HomeBuilder studies--one at church and two in homes. Each of the events was well attended although the study at church, consisting primarily of active duty couples, fluctuated in size ranging from three to six. The studies in people's homes were more consistently attended, with five military couples in one and three in the other. Each of the studies went through the 'Growing together in Christ' HomeBuilder study. The excellence of the study materials combined with the intimacy of the small group setting was a big hit and everyone is looking forward to doing another in the near future."


To summarize the key elements:

• Have small group leaders ready to host follow-on studies;

• Encourage couples to attend;

• Prepare those couples who commit. Help financially or with childcare if these are issues;

• Follow up with each couple after the event and encourage them to take "next steps";

• Configure study times and locations (homes or church) to maximize attendance;

• Be patient! Military scheduling conflicts may mean it takes more weeks that the "advertised" length of a small group study. The results will be worth the effort!


Tom & Amy Mowell



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