About Us

The Military Ministry Family Team is a caring community passionate about connecting military families to Jesus Christ.

Marriage Matters . . . .

And Military marriages matter to our team!

Our family team is a group of couples married from under ten years to more than 40. What unites us is a strong desire (passion) to see military couples have a vision for what an abundant marriage can be, and how to not just experience this in their own marriage but also to help other couples in their community. The family team is united as well by extensive experience in using the best practices listed here to serve military families literally around the world.

You too can be a part of this team! Won't you join us? Render Buddy Care or start a small group of your own today.  But don't try to go it alone. We are here to help you.


Who are We?

Our Team is a part of Cru Military Ministry

Cru Military Ministry is one of over 50 divisions of Cru--the largest missionary organization in the world,  Cru Military Ministry can be found near a number of major military installations in the US and in 24 nations around the world.


What do We Believe?

Our Statement of Faith

Follow this link to our statement of faith.

Still have questions or comments? Ask the experts and our Family Team leaders, Jim & Bea Fishback, by completing the pop-out form at the right.

Jim and Bea Fishback

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